• Angels
  • Hidden Passion
  • Nightfires

My published work includes:

    • Angels in a Terracotta Landscape - short stories about Israel and Nigeria.
    • The Hidden Passion - text for an illustrated book of my Christian figurative paintings of the Stations of the Cross
    • Fragments of War, Hope and Peace, a pictorial commentary of paintings and drawings by Kathy Priddis, with poems by Margot Arthurton 1995, in aid of Victims of War, Bosnia.
    • Night Fires – a novel, published in 2009. The story of religious and ethnic conflict in Middle Belt Nigeria, and the ill-fated love between a white Englishman and a bush village girl.

An excerpt from "Nightfires." Click here...

BOOK REVIEWS - from Readers

  1. If you are expecting a simple love story then don’t read this book; but if you want to be challenged, informed, strengthened and delighted then do read this book!
  2. When I bought ‘Night Fires’ I had presumed it would reflect the usual black/white relationship of poverty, dependence and philanthropy. Instead, I became absorbed into a contemporary story of modern Nigeria, a story which explores the tensions between Christian and Muslim, tensions which lead to both tragedy and hope, a story which through the developing relationship between Daniel and Hadissa challenges European values: are true riches material or spiritual?
  3. This is no sanitised love story: it contains lust, love, pride, selfishness and heartbreaking reality. Woven though the narrative is a spiritual thread so delicate it does not strangle the reader but leads one to contemplate one’s own values and preconceptions. This book speaks of a God who gets his hands dirty, who knows us in our weakness as well as our strength but continues to speak with compassion into the turmoil of our lives.
  4. Just to let you know how very much I enjoyed your book. I found it absolutely riveting and also very interesting. I see from the flap that you worked in Nigeria and I found your 'discussion' in the book about the relative cultures very interesting. I did VSO in Amritsar in India for a year when I left school and I think I had much the same thoughts as you do. I also briefly worked for an African in London and was very interested to see how similar many of his ways were to the characters in your novel.
  5. I am terribly impressed that you have written a book in addition to your artwork – all that painting & pottery, and now a novel – how do you do it?
  6. I am currently reading your book and enjoying it very much, so much so that I have ordered 2 more copies of the book as I already know whose Christmas present I have bought!
  7. I read Night Fires once, lent it to my husband, and now am re-reading it – and again feeling I can’t put it down!
  8. I have read your book and enjoyed it enormously. You should be very proud of yourself – it is an amazing achievement. You are a particularly good story-teller – I found it utterly gripping as it unfolded. Are there any more in the pipeline?