PROFILE - I am a professional artist married to a retired bishop and we live near Ross-on-Wye, in the Border Country of the Welsh Marches. I teach weekly adult art classes in Hereford. I think of myself as a storyteller, whether I’m working on landscapes, portraits, figurative work, pottery or writing.

"Working potter" is how I describe myself, not as a ceramicist! My workshop is a purpose-built shed in our garden, where I work with a dual-purpose clay and fire to earthenware and stoneware temperatures. It’s important to me that my work harmonises with the story of the countryside, so my clay bodies are a combination of Staffordshire and Shropshire clays, and for my glazes I source local clays. I make functional and decorative ware decorated with wax resist, leaf resist, sprigs, oxides and sgraffito. My pots tell the story of the land and are designed to be used. Recently I’ve explored animal sculpture.
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Portraits are mostly commissioned oil paintings, though for self-discipline I work in coloured pencil on dark brown paper, pastel or in watercolour. During a commission, a person would ‘sit’ for approximately five 1½ hour sittings, but it takes me about 100 hours work to complete it in my studio! It’s a reciprocal, collaborative process where I try to portray both story and personality.

Landscape painting in our local area is inspirational, rich in subject matter: hills, valleys, rivers and buildings. I favour earth colours in conjunction with a bright palette, and try to convey the ‘story of place’, the variable light of each context, and the mood of the weather.

Figurative work includes designing narrative compositions depicting Biblical insights or stories. My largest work is a series of 15 paintings entitled THE HIDDEN PASSION - the last events of the life of Christ (now the property of the Diocese of Southern Ohio)

Writing is on the back burner but my published work includes:

Night Fires - a novel. Set in Nigeria this is an epic drama of cross-cultural tensions, religious conflict, jealousy and deceit, where the protagonists, though flawed and uncompromising, are reconciled through shared suffering and self-sacrifice.

Angels in a Terracotta Landscape - short stories about Israel and Nigeria

The Hidden Passion - text for an illustrated book of my Christian figurative paintings of the Stations of the Cross

Articles for ACE (a periodical: Art in Christian Education) and Faith Initiative

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Forest and Valley Special Exhibition – co-winner
‘The Forest as Commodity’
3 hunting pots depicting hares, wild boar and deer
and Old Mining Stream, Cinderford – pastel painting

Newent Art Competition – best in category
at Gallery @ the Shambles
Selection of 21 stoneware figures depicting ‘The Onion Fayre Pageant’

Portrait of Ian Hooker, conductor – oil on canvas
Now the property of Dame Felicity Lott


Contact details: Round Oak Cottage, Bridstow, Ross on Wye HR9 6QJ
Tel No: 01989 218 503 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: